English Teaching Certification for Men

Meaningful and Stable Teaching Career
Become a certified English teacher that is recognized by the State of Israel and receive a full refund on tuition from the Ministry of Education for those who qualify.  
Our program trains our students to become qualified English teachers. We have instructors with many years of experience in the field who are equipped with the latest research in the field of language acquisition

If one does not have a Bachelor's degree, he will receive a Bachelor's in Education (B.Ed.) and certification to teach English and Oral Law (Gemara) in the Israeli school system. 
To apply visit here or call 0502894536 



?How is our program unique

The only exclusively religious, male English certification program
Our tuition is extremely reasonable
Almost all of students are native English speakers
Assistance in finding a position
Students will be equipped with cutting-edge pedagogical techniques
Convenience in combining work and academic studies
Only two evenings a week-zoom and in person
Accelerated program

English Teaching Certificate or B.Ed. in Education

Depends upon your previous education

 Some of the courses that the English department offers are instruction of reading comprehension, writing, literature, Israeli curriculum and grammar 

The educational element of the degree includes psychology, methodology, assessment, heterogeneous instruction and lesson planning

Practicum which includes observing seasoned teachers and giving classes to Israeli students

Those studying for their bachelors degree will also be taking courses in teaching Oral Law in the Israeli classroom

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